Performance for Copenhagen Kunstbiennial ALT_CPH. The performance, in  collaboration with The Avalanche Boys and Future Suburban Contemporary (FSC) explores post-dance and Gesamtkunstwerk as a process-orientated design structure realized after a week in the FSC Nano Residency, Brønshøj, CPH.

Choreography by Myclef Laun  

Participant performers:
Frans Ibon(NO) / Markus von Platen(DK) / Toke Flyvholm (DK) / Vilde Tuv (NO) /NDRAP Development (NO/DE/DK) / Sabine Kongsted (DK) / Tarik Hindic (NO/BA) / Michiel Tange van Leeuwen (NL) / Josefine Stuckmann (DK) / Francesca Burattelli (IT) / Avalanche Boys: Simon Opitz (NO) & Myclef Laun (US) / Jens Ivar Kjetså (NO)
+ feat. Artist: Emil C. Lüth (DK)

Curated by: FSC / Jens Ivar Kjetså


‬Fabrikken for kunst og design‭,  ‬Copenhagen 2018

Michael Laundry

+47 95 47 71 84



Michael Laundry is an artist, curator and choreographer‭. ‬Laundry is Curator at Mikey Laundry Art Garden‭ (‬MLAG‭). Laundry often uses 3D printed sculptures and digital weaving as conceptually interrelated pieces and performative actions over one discrete artwork. ‬Laundry’s artistic practice has taken shape under the name Myclef Laun or The Avalanche Boys‭. ‬Laundry’s practice includes live site‭- ‬specific performance‭, ‬choreography‭, ‬video installations‭, ‬textile and costume design‭, ‬as well as audio installations‭.  ‬Laundry’s tech-feminist approach uses technology such as drones‭, ‬VR‭, ‬and  choreography to investigate philosophical‭, ‬political and prose fiction texts‭. ‬Laundry’s work has been shown in Vancouver‭, ‬Toronto‭, ‬New York‭, ‬Plymouth England‭, ‬Copenhagen‭, ‬Oslo‭, ‬Bergen and Kristiansand by festivals‭ ‬and venues including Gallery FELT‭, ‬Gallery Knipsu‭, ‬KRAFT, ‬Ravnedans‭, ‬Alt_CPH‭, ‬BIT Teatergarasjen‭, ‬Oslo Art Weekend‭ ‬BOA Billedkunstnerne i Oslo og Akershus‭, ‬ASLE Biennial Conference‭, ‬Plymouth‭. ‬