As an American child living in a strict Catholic house, Michael Laundry was not allowed to swear. The titular significance of Laundry’s installation “H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks” is a euphemistic stand-in for “hell”. In this exhibition, motifs made in VR are transmogrified onto jacquard pieces woven on a digital loom. The weave is framed by a tufted frame, with a video installation above. The phallic motifs in the weave playfully, evasively, intentionally, interact with multiple 3D printed sculptures. All of this is brought to life in a choreographed dance routine on rollerblades. The work may be a critique of the macho posing of Putin’s totalitarian tendencies to put civil society on ice, or perhaps it might be Laundry’s on story of regret.  

Laundry paints and illustrates in VR. Their digital paintbrush spills across the photography of Putin onto tufted carpets and vinyl floor-prints. Laundry starts with a solid 3D sculpture, then stretches it out across physical materials. A strand of exploration for this project is to consider the way that the warping of a motif made in VR can occur physically by using thicker yarns to elongate the motif in the digital weave. In this way, Laundry brings attention to the stretching of the truth in an intensely personal refusal of state-sponsored misinformation.

The culminating attention of the work centres on a strange story about a corncob overheard between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. Late last year, the two paused for a chat during a friendly hockey match following their talks in Strelna, outside St. Petersburg, Russia a few days before Christmas.

Costume Design‭: Michael Laundry

Makeup‭: ‬Michael Laundry

Set Design‭: ‬Michael Laundry

Choreography‭: ‬Michael Laundry

Script‭: ‬Michael Laundry

Filming‭: ‬Myclef Laun‭

Sound Installations‭: ‬Michael Laundry

Salhus Textile Industry Museum,  ‬2022 ‬

Michael Laundry

+47 95 47 71 84



Michael Laundry is an artist, curator and choreographer‭. ‬Laundry is Curator at Mikey Laundry Art Garden‭ (‬MLAG‭). Laundry often uses 3D printed sculptures and digital weaving as conceptually interrelated pieces and performative actions over one discrete artwork. ‬Laundry’s artistic practice has taken shape under the name Myclef Laun or The Avalanche Boys‭. ‬Laundry’s practice includes live site‭- ‬specific performance‭, ‬choreography‭, ‬video installations‭, ‬textile and costume design‭, ‬as well as audio installations‭.  ‬Laundry’s tech-feminist approach uses technology such as drones‭, ‬VR‭, ‬and  choreography to investigate philosophical‭, ‬political and prose fiction texts‭. ‬Laundry’s work has been shown in Vancouver‭, ‬Toronto‭, ‬New York‭, ‬Plymouth England‭, ‬Copenhagen‭, ‬Oslo‭, ‬Bergen and Kristiansand by festivals‭ ‬and venues including Gallery FELT‭, ‬Gallery Knipsu‭, ‬KRAFT, ‬Ravnedans‭, ‬Alt_CPH‭, ‬BIT Teatergarasjen‭, ‬Oslo Art Weekend‭ ‬BOA Billedkunstnerne i Oslo og Akershus‭, ‬ASLE Biennial Conference‭, ‬Plymouth‭. ‬