‘Sharks Have Electoreception‭, ‬Why Can’t We‭?‬’‭ ‬is a mobile massage intervention reading station‭. ‬It is a site-specific installation with a publication included‭. ‬The work is part of the Hardbakka Ruins Project curated by ANTIFORUM‭ . ‬
Guests are invited into a massage studio‭. ‬The masseuse‭ (‬Myclef Laun‭) ‬provides an essay‭, ‬which can be read through the hole in the massage table‭, ‬as well as listened to on headphones as an audiobook‭.  ‬The masseuse and the reading material work with you to understand critical positions on aesthetic theory‭. ‬The essay is written by Myclef Laun‭.  ‬
Artists in the exhibition were asked to consider how unpaid and undervalued care work might be repositioned in a post-capitalist‭ ‬caring economy‭.
‬In their installation and intervention‭, ‬Laun asks how the theme of the caring economy might work between a writer and reader‭. ‬How might one care for a text‭? ‬How might that caring be cultivated through physical contact and mutual engagement‭? Understanding theoretical relationships between tech feminism and Rancièrian aesthetic theory can be daunting‭.  ‬Myclef Laun’s exhibition piece‭  ‬‘Sharks Have Electoreception‭, ‬Why Can’t We‭?‬’‭ ‬wants to help‭, ‬and be helped in getting some deeper understandings‭. ‬
Using visual language distinctive of Laun’s graphic world‭, ‬silk-screened curtains will open up to a participatory‭  ‬‘open’‭ ‬exhibition piece exploring new reading practices on a massage table‭.‬

BERGEN, 2017




Michael Laundry

+47 95 47 71 84


Michael Laundry is an artist, curator and choreographer‭. ‬Laundry is Curator at Mikey Laundry Art Garden‭ (‬MLAG‭). Laundry often uses 3D printed sculptures and digital weaving as conceptually interrelated pieces and performative actions over one discrete artwork. ‬Laundry’s artistic practice has taken shape under the name Myclef Laun or The Avalanche Boys‭. ‬Laundry’s practice includes live site‭- ‬specific performance‭, ‬choreography‭, ‬video installations‭, ‬textile and costume design‭, ‬as well as audio installations‭.  ‬Laundry’s tech-feminist approach uses technology such as drones‭, ‬VR‭, ‬and  choreography to investigate philosophical‭, ‬political and prose fiction texts‭. ‬Laundry’s work has been shown in Vancouver‭, ‬Toronto‭, ‬New York‭, ‬Plymouth England‭, ‬Copenhagen‭, ‬Oslo‭, ‬Bergen and Kristiansand by festivals‭ ‬and venues including Gallery FELT‭, ‬Gallery Knipsu‭, ‬KRAFT, ‬Ravnedans‭, ‬Alt_CPH‭, ‬BIT Teatergarasjen‭, ‬Oslo Art Weekend‭ ‬BOA Billedkunstnerne i Oslo og Akershus‭, ‬ASLE Biennial Conference‭, ‬Plymouth‭. ‬