+_+ Re-Phaedo (Cepter)

Electroreception is an ancient sensory modality, having evolved more than 500Ma, and has been lost and subsequently re-evolved in various vertebrate and invertebrates.

“+_+ Re-Phaedo (Cepter)” is wearable art installation that uses water particles found in situ to activate an investigation into the use of bioelectric stimuli in social interactions. In Laundry’s work aquatic conduction acts as a catalyst for psychic connections to both audience and artist.

Laundry’s performance consists of a 30 minute immersion into a human tongue which uses integrated electrical circuits acting as pickups for small amounts of environmental low-frequency (DC to 50 hertz [Hz]) electric fields. 

For this project Laundry’s electroreception simulator conducted 1800 volts of electricity through two pickups. The extent to which conduction occured depended on choreographed sharing of the charge between performers and some brave guests.  

Ubåt Press Bergen‭,   ‬2018

Michael Laundry

+47 95 47 71 84



Michael Laundry is an artist, curator and choreographer‭. ‬Laundry is Curator at Mikey Laundry Art Garden‭ (‬MLAG‭). Laundry often uses 3D printed sculptures and digital weaving as conceptually interrelated pieces and performative actions over one discrete artwork. ‬Laundry’s artistic practice has taken shape under the name Myclef Laun or The Avalanche Boys‭. ‬Laundry’s practice includes live site‭- ‬specific performance‭, ‬choreography‭, ‬video installations‭, ‬textile and costume design‭, ‬as well as audio installations‭.  ‬Laundry’s tech-feminist approach uses technology such as drones‭, ‬VR‭, ‬and  choreography to investigate philosophical‭, ‬political and prose fiction texts‭. ‬Laundry’s work has been shown in Vancouver‭, ‬Toronto‭, ‬New York‭, ‬Plymouth England‭, ‬Copenhagen‭, ‬Oslo‭, ‬Bergen and Kristiansand by festivals‭ ‬and venues including Gallery FELT‭, ‬Gallery Knipsu‭, ‬KRAFT, ‬Ravnedans‭, ‬Alt_CPH‭, ‬BIT Teatergarasjen‭, ‬Oslo Art Weekend‭ ‬BOA Billedkunstnerne i Oslo og Akershus‭, ‬ASLE Biennial Conference‭, ‬Plymouth‭. ‬